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Futureproof solutions from Siemens for the pharmaceutical industry

Expiring patents, new regulations, growing cost and competitive pressure – the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and life science industries are daunting. With its experience, its expertise and a comprehensive performance spectrum, Siemens provides support to pharmaceutical companies keen to optimize their processes, reduce time to market and achieve supply chain efficiency. Process analytics and instrumentation, process control systems, automation technology, software solutions, energy management and worldwide servicing are all clear points of leverage to help them achieve these improvements.
The Siemens Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solution SIPAT moves away from the classical batch process approach towards a system based on continuous production and greater product quality. The use of SIPAT software turns quality controls into an integral constituent of the process, enabling producers to improve their capacity utilization by more than a third, cut costs and reduces the time to market for new drugs. The COMOS engineering software also accelerates time to market, while serialization solutions from Siemens enhance supply chain security and provide protection against counterfeit drugs.

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