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Gattefossé SAS

App Note: Gattefossé SAS – Investigating the lipolysis of lipid nanoparticles: impact on drug release properties

Whitepapers / 11 February 2014 / Gattefossé SAS

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC) are colloidal systems of interest for the delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs…

Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer in laboratory

App Note: Freeman Technology – Optimising continuous wet granulation

Whitepapers / 20 January 2014 / Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology and GEA Pharma Systems have conducted a study to investigate the feasibility of predicting critical quality attributes (CQA) of tablets from intermediate granule properties…

JDSU MicroNIR Spectrometer

App Note: JDSU – Fit-for-Purpose MicroNIR Spectrometer

Whitepapers / 23 December 2013 / JDSU

Miniature and cost-effective NIR spectrometers are starting to facilitate QbD adoption…

Application Notes 2013 - Bruker

App Note: Bruker Optik – TANDEM FT-NIR for on-line tablet characterisation

Whitepapers / 16 December 2013 / Bruker Optik

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to enhance their critical quality performances. This is being encouraged by the FDA, which is pushing towards using modern process analytical technology (PAT) to ensure the quality of the final product. A large number of applications in the Process Analytical Technology (PAT/QbD) initiative can be addressed using FT-NIR spectroscopy. For drug product sites for instance, NIR spectroscopy can be used at almost every step of tablet manufacture from raw material control over granulation and drying to content uniformity analysis of the dosage unit…


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