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BMG LABTECH – the Microplate Reader Company – celebrates 25 successful years

Supplier news / 28 January 2015 / BMG LABTECH

Since its establishment in 1990, BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies…

Edward Dell, BMG Labtech

Photomultiplier based plate-readers vs. CCD imaging based plate-readers

Supplier news / 19 February 2014 / Edward Dell, International Marketing Director, BMG Labtech

Edward Dell, International Marketing Director, BMG Labtech answers the question “Although photomultiplier based plate-readers offer increased sensitivity compared to CCD imaging based plate-readers, they take longer to collect data from a microtitre plate. How do your customers balance throughput versus sensitivity when considering which plate-reader to purchase?”

BMG Labtech

Live cellular FRET fluorescent protein assay (mTFP-YFP) – No filters needed

Supplier news / 28 January 2014 / BMG LABTECH

When adapting a fluorescent protein assay from a confocal microscope to a microplate format, researchers no longer need filters thanks to new LVF Monochromators™ in the CLARIOstar® microplate reader from BMG LABTECH…

BMG Labtech

New global alliance to develop class-leading technology

Supplier news / 21 January 2014 / BMG Labtech

A team of world leaders in the growing scientific field of biomolecular interaction, relating to basic biomedical research and the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, has been the recipient of a new Australian Research Council Linkage Grant…

Screening: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 6 2013, Screening, Supplements / 16 December 2013 / Roger Clark, Paul Harper and Mark Wigglesworth (AstraZeneca Global High Throughput Centre), Rob Jepras and Steve Ludbrook (GlaxoSmithKline)

Technological and sociological advances in HTS: evolution and revolution?
Flow cytometry as a drug screening platform
Show Preview: High-Content Analysis 2014

BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH and InvivoSciences, Inc. Initiate Market Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery in Engineered 3D Tissues

Supplier news / 18 November 2013 / BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH, Inc announced a strategic collaboration to market the time-dependent fluorescent assessment of engineered 3D heart tissues…

Screening: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 3 2013, Screening, Supplements / 30 July 2013 / Anthony Mitchell Davies, Alice Vajda, Sarah Louise, Laure Marignol, Sheraz Gul, Emma J. Shanks

New approaches to cell based assays for high content screening and analysis.
Reduce, reuse, recycle: how drug repositioning is finding its niche in drug discovery.
Workshop Review: Biochemical assays for screening.
Screening roundtable.

Any Assay, Any Wavelength, Any Bandwidth with the new CLARIOstar® high performance microplate reader

News, Supplier news / 17 June 2013 / BMG LABTECH

Over the years, many different assays have been designed…

A microplate-based prion seeding assay is more sensitive and much faster than using animal models

News, Supplier news / 11 February 2013 / BMG LABTECH

Using a newly developed prion seeding assay researchers can now measure prion seeding…

The Omega Series with ACU – Complete and individual control of O2 and CO2 in your microplate reader

News, Supplier news / 11 October 2011 / BMG LABTECH

BMG LABTECH now offers the Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU)…


Redefine your absorbance assays with a free SPECTROstar Nano microplate reader from BMG LABTECH

News, Supplier news / 7 March 2011 / BMG LABTECH

Win the first of five free free SPECTROstar Nano absorbance microplate readers…


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