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The Data Cave: A collaborative method for interpreting genomic data

Issue 2 2009, Past issues / 20 March 2009 /

Generating knowledge and insight from complex genomic data sets is always a challenging endeavor. As data collection becomes more routine and less expensive, and the existing body of data expands, getting the most out of genomics experiments requires ever more expertise and insight. Here, we discuss our method of integrating gene expression profiling data for a candidate oncology drug with pre-existing data and the knowledge and expertise of a wide variety of biologists and statisticians.

Making the lab workhorse run faster

Issue 1 2006, Past issues / 2 February 2006 / Holly Hilton, Ph.D. and Charu Kanwal Ph.D. Research Informatics, Genetics and Genomics Hoffmann La-Roche Inc.

Quantitative real-time PCR, the workhorse of any genomics lab, is a well established technique that has numerous uses due to its simplicity and flexibility. In this article we will review a brief history of real time PCR, discuss our strategy for optimising a lab running Quantitative-RT-PCR and describe how this technique fits into the drug discovery process. We will conclude with some on-going issues regarding RT-PCR data generation and analysis.


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