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DiscoverX launches KILR™ assay platform for use in cancer immunotherapy drug development

Supplier news / 30 March 2016 / DiscoverX Corporation

DiscoverX Corporation has launched the KILR Retroparticles product line, providing scientists complete flexibility to develop a simple cytotoxicity assay in almost any cell line…

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DiscoverX and the SGC partner to make an annotated collection of >600 kinase inhibitors freely available

Supplier news / 4 March 2016 / DiscoverX

DiscoverX Corporation announced its partnership with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC)…

Drug discovery assays for the histone deacetylase class of enzymes

Easily measure cancer cell death in a co-culture with KILR™ Assays from DiscoverX

Supplier news / 2 February 2016 / DiscoverX

DiscoverX Corporation announced the launch of the KILR Cytotoxicity Assay, a pioneering approach to accelerate the development of cancer immunotherapy drugs…


Accelerate development of Cancer Immunotherapy (iOnc) drugs with new PathHunter® Checkpoint Assays from DiscoveRx

Supplier news / 14 January 2016 / DiscoveRx

DiscoveRx Corporation announced the expansion of its PathHunter cell-based assays portfolio with the release of PathHunter Checkpoint Assays…


Rapidly develop drugs targeting Interleukins with new PathHunter® cell-based assays from DiscoveRx

Supplier news / 12 January 2016 / DiscoveRx

DiscoveRx Corporation announces the expansion of its PathHunter® cell-based assays portfolio with the release of PathHunter Interleukin cell-based assays…

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DiscoveRx announces a series of scientific outreach programmes

News, Supplier news / 26 April 2011 /

To promote leading edge cell-based and biochemical GPCR and Kinase assays to the European community…

DiscorveRx Interview

Issue 2 2011 / 19 April 2011 / Sailaja Kuchibhatla, Senior Vice President Business Development DiscoveRx Corporation

“The goal of DiscoveRx has always been centred on creating technologies that enable the highest levels of innovation and development to enrich drug discovery,” Sailaja Kuchibhatla, Senior Vice President Business Development, asserts. Founded in 2000, DiscoveRx solved an unmet need within the GPCR industry by commercialising a functional, naturally coupled chemiluminescent screening methodology for GPCRs that was compatible with existing high throughput equipment. Early GPCR screening campaigns relied on labour intensive and radioactive techniques such as binding assays, before researchers moved towards more functional assays that relied on artificially influencing the coupling of the GPCR to combine with low cost detection reagents and high throughput fluorescent plate readers to increase throughput. “DiscoveRx’s HitHunter® cAMP technology platform became a viable and superior alternative to laborious radiolabelled binding and force coupled calcium screening,” Kuchibhatla explains.

DiscoveRx acquires the KINOMEscan kinase screening services division from Ambit Biosciences

Industry news, News / 18 November 2010 / DiscoveRx Corporation

DiscoveRx® Corporation announced today the acquisition of KINOMEscan kinase screening services division from San Diego-based Ambit Biosciences…

Utilisation of secondary screening

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 19 June 2008 /

European Pharmaceutical Review has brought together four individuals from different sides of the scientific palette to discuss current and future issues surrounding secondary screening and maximising its potential.


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