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Drug discovery - Articles and news items

IntelliCyt Cy-Clone™ PLUS

IntelliCyt launches novel assay system to accelerate cell line development

Supplier news / 3 April 2017 / IntelliCyt

The IntelliCyt Cy-Clone™ PLUS Assay System will accelerate and improve the quality of clone ranking and selection for developing cell lines which can reduce production costs of biopharmaceuticals…

Application note: Expansion of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in BioBLU 0.3c single-use bioreactors

Whitepapers / 16 December 2016 / Vincent Dufey, Aurélie Tacheny, Muriel Art and Françoise De Longueville, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A., Namur, Belgium and Ulrike Becken, Eppendorf AG Bioprocess Center, Juelich, Germany

In this whitepaper Eppendorf discuss how the use of adult stem cells holds great promise for new cell-based therapies and drug discovery…

Rainin TerraRacks enhance process security for CROs

Rainin TerraRacks enhance process security for CROs

Supplier news / 3 November 2016 / METTLER TOLEDO AG

Pelago Bioscience in Solna, Sweden, is taking advantage of the enhanced process security and convenience offered by METTLER TOLEDO’s Rainin TerraRack™ pipette tip racks…

Biochemical Assay Development Using Novel MALDI High-Throughput Screening System

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 4 August 2016 / Bruker

This work focuses on developing biochemical assays where substrate and product are small molecules using a novel MALDI-HTS system…

Caroline Richards

A few words from the editor of European Pharmaceutical Review

Blog / 12 April 2016 / Caroline Richards, Editor, European Pharmaceutical Review

Here, Caroline Richards, Editor of European Pharmaceutical Review, discusses the publication and the opportunities available to authors…

Empower your research with Tecan’s Spark® 20M multimode reader

Empower your research with Tecan’s Spark® 20M multimode reader

Supplier news / 25 January 2016 / Tecan

Tecan has launched the Spark® 20M multimode microplate reader, offering tailor-made solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced life science research application…


Rapidly develop drugs targeting Interleukins with new PathHunter® cell-based assays from DiscoveRx

Supplier news / 12 January 2016 / DiscoveRx

DiscoveRx Corporation announces the expansion of its PathHunter® cell-based assays portfolio with the release of PathHunter Interleukin cell-based assays…

BioTek Introduces 2nd Generation Cytation Imaging Reader

BioTek introduces 2nd Generation Cytation Imaging Reader

Supplier news / 14 October 2015 / BioTek

BioTek is excited to introduce the new Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader…

BioTek Introduces Synergy Neo2 High Performance Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

BioTek introduces Synergy Neo2 high performance Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Supplier news / 14 October 2015 / BioTek

BioTek introduces Synergy Neo2 high performance Multi-Mode Microplate Reader…

Mirus Bio: Development and Optimization of CHOgro® Transient Expression Technologies for High Titer Antibody Production in Suspension CHO Cells

Whitepaper: Development and optimization of CHOgro® transient expression technologies for high titer antibody production in suspension CHO cells

Whitepapers / 1 October 2015 / Mirus Bio

During early stage drug development, quickly obtaining relevant candidate proteins through transient transfection can accelerate drug discovery…

Oxford Global

Oxford Global Conferences received excellent feedback from the 2014 Drug Discovery USA Congress

Industry news / 8 January 2015 / Oxford Global Conferences

Oxford Global Conferences were proud to present the Drug Discovery USA Congress this October in Boston, USA…

drug discovery & drug development

Imaging for decision-making in drug discovery and early development

Issue 6 2014 / 23 December 2014 / Paul McCracken & Stephen Krause

In this review, we highlight a few of the ways in which Eisai is attempting to address the research and development bottleneck by adding fit-for-purpose imaging biomarkers to discovery and early development programs for decision making…