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Small molecule mediators of cell differentiation: Tools to generate tissue from stem cells for screening applications

Issue 6 2008, Past issues / 3 December 2008 /

The development of pharmaceuticals and screening the biological activity of test compounds is a multi-staged process spanning from small molecule design and synthesis, in vitro testing, and compound evaluation in vivo using animal and human trials. The expense of this process escalates as a compound advances further into the development programme. Within each stage there are stringent criteria that must be satisfied before the decision to invest further in the compound and move its development forward is made.

Platform technology for routine three dimensional cell culture

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 19 June 2008 /

Cell culture assays play an important role during the first stages of pharmaceutical development. The design of such in vitro models is significant and data resulting from such tests directly influences the progression of compound development. Therefore it is becoming progressively more important to design cell culture assays that are more representative of the behaviour of cells in living tissues. As a consequence, investigators are developing technology to enhance the cell culture environment and enable cells to grow in ways resembling their in vivo counterparts. This is particularly relevant to the design of culture models that enable three dimensional cell growth in vitro.


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