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Eurogentec - Articles and news items


New solutions for aptamer applications in Europe

Supplier news / 7 August 2015 / Eurogentec

Eurogentec s.a. and NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc. are pleased to announce that they have entered into a business alliance to stimulate the development of aptamer applications in Europe…

PCR Supplement 2013

PCR: In-depth focus 2013

Genomics, Issue 5 2013, Supplements / 25 October 2013 / Martina Weber (Emory University) / Billy Lau & Hanlee Ji (Stanford University School of Medicine)

Challenges for qRT-PCR in detecting / quantifying microRNA in vitro and in vivo.
Emerging clinical applications of digital PCR.
Workshop Preview: Advanced 3d cell based assays, preparation, analysis and troubleshooting.

qPCR Supplement 2012

qPCR: In-depth focus 2012

Genomics, Issue 5 2012, Supplements / 24 October 2012 / European Pharmaceutical Review

Setting the bar.
Q & A – Mikael Kubista from the TATAA Biocenter poses five questions for Jay Brock, Senior Manager, Applications and Technical Support, USB® Life Science Reagents from Affymetrix.
Not your grandfathers’ real-time PCR.