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Gavi funds Merck’s development of Ebola vaccine

Industry news / 20 January 2016 / Victoria White

Gavi has provided US$ 5 million towards the development of Merck’s rVSV∆G-ZEBOV-GP live attenuated Ebola Zaire vaccine, on the understanding that it will be submitted for licensure by the end of 2017…

GlaxoSmithKline logo

GSK extends pneumococcal vaccine agreement with GAVI Alliance

Industry news / 19 December 2011 / GlaxoSmithKline

Move aims to protect millions more children in the world’s poorest countries from pneumococcal disease…

GlaxoSmithKline logo

Children in the world’s poorest countries could receive vaccination against rotavirus diarrhoeal disease

Industry news, News / 6 June 2011 / GlaxoSmithKline

GSK has made a new offer to supply its rotavirus vaccine, to the GAVI Alliance…

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Merck commends GAVI Alliance on continued efforts to improve access

Industry news, News / 5 June 2011 / Merck

Merck commends the GAVI Alliance for their commitment to protecting the lives of children…


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