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FDA approves chronic lymphocytic leukaemia drug Venclexta

Industry news / 12 April 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Venclexta is the first FDA-approved treatment that targets the BCL-2 protein, which supports cancer cell growth and is overexpressed in many CLL patients…


FDA approves Rituxan plus a steroid for use in severe forms of vasculitis

Industry news, News / 19 April 2011 / Biogen Idec

Genentech, and Biogen Idec announced today that the FDA approved Rituxan® (rituximab)…

Genentech’s ECP-1 Bacterial Manufacturing Facility Named 2010 Facility of the Year Awards Overall Winner

Industry news, News / 8 November 2010 / ISPE

ISPE, announced that Genentech’s ECP-1 Bacterial Manufacturing Facility is the overall winner…

Is the dream becoming reality?

Issue 6 2006, Past issues / 28 November 2006 / Andy Chang and Jean-Philippe Stephan Ph.D., Assay and Automation Technology department, Genentech, Inc

During the last decade, technical developments have dramatically changed the way cell-based assays could be implemented and used in research and development organisations. Although cell-based assays have moved into a modern era, cells are still grown and maintained in the same way as decades ago; i.e. manually. However, automation systems with the ability to grow and maintain cells have emerged, bringing us closer to the dream of fully automated cell culture.


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