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Quest for a new generation of biomarkers using quantitative proteomics

Issue 5 2008, Past issues / 29 September 2008 /

Advances in proteomics have constantly altered our understanding of cell biology and biochemistry by providing new approaches and techniques to identify complex proteomes, protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications. Additionally, proteomic approaches are believed to have enormous potential for discovery of disease biomarkers that can provide diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets and address important problems in clinical and translational research. Unfortunately, to date the development of new assays based on biomarkers discovered by proteomics has been unsuccessful mostly due to low sensitivity and specificity of various candidate biomarkers.

Accessing stem cells via proteomics

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 2 August 2008 /

Stem cells have two important characteristics that distinguish them from other cells: the ability to self-renew through cell division for a prolonged period, and to differentiate into multiple cells with specialised functions. The power of stem cells for tissue development, regeneration and renewal has been well known to embryologists for many years. The recent concept of adult tissue stem cells as pluripotent progenitors for various tissues has led to the rapid expansion of stem cell research.


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