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U.S. FDA Approves ELIQUIS® (apixaban)

Industry news, News / 2 January 2013 / Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Pfizer announced that the U.S. FDA approved ELIQUIS® (apixaban)…

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves Pfizer’s XELJANZ® (tofacitinib citrate)

Industry news, News / 6 November 2012 / Pfizer

The U.S. FDA has approved XELJANZ®…


AstraZeneca and Pfizer enter agreement for over-the-counter NEXIUM; AstraZeneca raises 2012 guidance

Industry news, News / 13 August 2012 / AstraZeneca

NEXIUM 20mg retail launch targeted for 2014, subject to regulatory approval…

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Pfizer receives FDA approval to extend use of Prevnar 13®

Industry news, News / 30 December 2011 / Pfizer

First pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for adults 50+ has potential to help address high incidence of pneumococcal pneumonia…

Ian Read, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Pfizer

Pfizer elects CEO Ian Read as Chairman of the Board

Industry news, News / 12 December 2011 / Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. has announced that its Board of Directors has elected Ian Read, as Chairman of the Board and CEO, effective immediately…

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Pfizer completes acquisition of King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Industry news, News / 1 March 2011 / Pfizer

Pfizer completed its acquisition of King through the merger of its wholly owned subsidiary, Parker Tennessee Corp…


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