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IDBS - Articles and news items

App Note IDBS Screening

App Note: ActivityBase for results management in screening

Whitepapers / 22 January 2015 / IDBS

The secure and robust management of intrinsically complex cell-based screening data is paramount to ensure confidence in results and subsequent decision-making. Read how ActivityBase can be used for effective results management in screening…

EPR Screening Supplement 2013 - 100

Screening: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 6 2013, Screening, Supplements / 16 December 2013 / Roger Clark, Paul Harper and Mark Wigglesworth (AstraZeneca Global High Throughput Centre), Rob Jepras and Steve Ludbrook (GlaxoSmithKline)

Technological and sociological advances in HTS: evolution and revolution?
Flow cytometry as a drug screening platform
Show Preview: High-Content Analysis 2014

EPR Informatics Supplement 2013

Informatics: In-depth focus 2013

Informatics, Issue 4 2013, Supplements / 21 August 2013 / Eva Bürén (Karolinska Institutet Biobank), Michael H. Elliott (Atrium Research)

Using LIMS for biobanking and implementing LIMS for research.
Biologics development and ELN: A good match?
Informatics Roundtable.

Informatics In-depth focus 2012

Informatics – In-depth focus 2012

Informatics, Issue 4 2012, Supplements / 2 September 2012 / European Pharmaceutical Review

Developing Informatics for the pharmaceutical industry.
Rolling out a biology ELN at UCB Pharma.
Ask the Informatics experts.
Laboratory Informatics – Out of the fog and into the cloud?


IDBS ELN powers world class preclinical research at the University of Cape Town

News, Supplier news / 25 June 2012 / Metia

BioBook consolidates assay data to improve workflow and speed drug discovery…

Neil Kipling, IDBS

IDBS Celebrates Queen’s Award for International Trade

News, Supplier news / 9 September 2011 / IDBS

IDBS, was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category on Tuesday September 6…

eLN supplement

eLN supplement 2011

Informatics, Issue 4 2011, Supplements / 31 August 2011 / John Wise (Executive Director, Pistoia Alliance), John Leonard, David Fletcher, Matthew Harrison and Ian Menzies (Pharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca), Alexander Botzki (eLN Project Officer, VIB)

Introduction: eLNs – An essential productivity tool – but which one to use?
Using an eLN to create GMP compliant records for drug substance manufacture.
Implementation of an electronic lab notebook system at VIB.
eLN sponsors roundtable (featuring Accelrys, IDBS, AgileBio, Agilent, LabWare Europe, Waters).

SBS: 16th Annual conference and Exhibition

Issue 1 2010 / 22 February 2010 /

During this five day event, more than 2,000 scientists, innovators, researchers and industry analysts from around the world will converge in Phoenix to learn about the latest trends and basic and applied research that are transforming the way new pharmaceuticals are developed…

Lab Automation Roundtable

Issue 6 2009, Past issues / 12 December 2009 /

Participants: Dr Gordon R Alton, President and CEO, Altonyx Consulting / Dr Scott Bowes
Scientist, Novartis / Dr Sheraz Gul, Vice President and Head of Biology, European ScreeningPort /
Chris Molloy, Vice President of Corporate Development, IDBS

Industry insight – IDBS: Integrated framework

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 19 March 2008 /

European Pharmaceutical Review caught up with Mr Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of software giants IDBS, to discuss future prospects and products in advanced solutions software, to serve the ever demanding life sciences industry.

Industry Insight: Biology and data capture in the life sciences industry

Issue 4 2007 / 21 July 2007 / Neil Kipling, CEO, IDBS

Neil Kipling, CEO of leading advanced software solutions provider for the life sciences industry, IDBS, talks to us about current and future functions of biology and data capture within the life sciences industry.


Webinar: Use of MicroNIR to optimise fluid bed drying and to reduce waste at tablet compressionFIND OUT MORE
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