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AstraZeneca announces partnership with Illumina to develop next generation gene sequencing panel for companion diagnostic tests

Industry news / 26 August 2014 / AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca announced that it has entered into a collaboration with gene sequencing company, Illumina, Inc., to develop its next generation sequencing platform for companion diagnostic tests applicable across AstraZeneca’s oncology portfolio…

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Roche decides not to extend its tender offer for Illumina, Inc.

Industry news, News / 18 April 2012 / Roche

Roche released the following statement based on preliminary estimates…

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Roche disappointed with ISS recommendation

Industry news, News / 6 April 2012 / Roche

Roche released the following statement in response to a report issued by Institutional Shareholder Services…

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Roche raises offer for Illumina to over $6bn

Industry news / 29 March 2012 / Roche

Roche increases offer price for gene sequencing firm Illumina to US$ 51.00 per share…

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Roche receives request for additional information from the Federal Trade Commission

Industry news, News / 13 March 2012 / Roche

The 2nd request seeks additional information regarding Roche’s microarray business…

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Roche commences tender offer for Illumina, Inc. for $44.50 per share in cash

Industry news, News / 27 January 2012 / Roche

Roche has commenced a cash tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares of Illumina, Inc….

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Roche responds to adoption of shareholder rights plan by Illumina Board of Directors

Industry news, News / 26 January 2012 / Roche

Roche has responded to an announcement from Illumina, Inc…

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Roche offers to acquire all outstanding shares of Illumina, Inc. to further strengthen its leading role in diagnostics

Industry news, News / 25 January 2012 / Roche

Roche announced that it is proposing to acquire all outstanding shares of Illumina, Inc…

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Whitepaper: RNA-Seq Data Comparison with Gene Expression Microarrays

Whitepapers / 11 July 2011 / illumina

RNA-Seq is a powerful sequencing-based method that enables researchers to discover, profile, and quantify RNA transcripts across the entire transcriptome. Because the method does not require probes or primers, the generated data are completely unbiased, allowing for hypothesis-free experimental design. The ability to perform this type of analysis provides researchers a powerful tool for transcript discovery applications that are not possible using traditional microarray-based methods1. Beyond gene expression analysis, RNA-Seq can identify novel transcripts, novel isoforms, alternative splice sites, allele-specific expression, and rare transcripts in a single experiment.


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