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J&J announces new global commitments to end HIV infection in girls and women

Industry news / 2 December 2015 / Victoria White

Johnson & Johnson has announced four new public-private partnerships to significantly reduce the burden of HIV incidence, especially among adolescent girls…

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New real-world data highlight health and financial impact of caring for an adult with schizophrenia

Industry news / 11 November 2014 / Janssen

Compared with their peers and other caregivers, carers for adults with schizophrenia report deteriorated physical and mental health and greater health resource usage/utilisation…

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Intel and Janssen Pharmaceutica to collaborate with imec and 5 Flemish universities to open ExaScience Life Lab

Industry news / 7 October 2013 / Mengele PMC

Lab will allow development of even more powerful supercomputers for life sciences research…

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European health R&D investments stagnate for the first time in history Private industry invests 29 bln € in health R&D, and public authorities 18 bln €

Industry news / 7 October 2013 / Publicis Life Brands Resolute

New report presents unique statistics on health R&D in the European Union…

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Academia-pharma collaboration attracts £14.4million funding in the UK to accelerate drug discovery

Industry news, News / 14 May 2012 / University of Dundee

The consortium includes six companies & will provide core support of £14.4 million…

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Janssen Pharmaceutica NV receives offer to acquire animal health business

Industry news, News / 14 March 2011 / Janssen Pharmaceutica NV

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV has received an offer from Elanco to acquire its Janssen Animal Health business…


Webinar: how the human tumour micro-environment impacts tumour cell biology and drug pharmacology

News, Supplier news / 3 March 2011 / The Scott Partnership

PRECOS will be discussing in vitro and in vivo modeling of the human TME…

Janssen Announces Collaboration to Develop Diagnostic Biosignatures for Pre-Symptomatic Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease

Industry news, News / 1 December 2010 / Johnson & Johnson

Janssen announced a research agreement to collaborate with GE Healthcare…

PRECOS Secures Multi Year Global Service Agreement with Leading Pharmaceutical Company

News, Supplier news / 22 November 2010 / The Scott Partnership

PRECOS, has signed a significant service agreement with a leading global pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V…


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