Laser Induced Flourescence (LIF) - Articles and news items

Real-Time Viable Particle Detection

Current Rapid Micro Methods (RMMs) for Environmental Monitoring, Validation, and Real-Time Viable Particle Detection

Industry news, Webinars / 8 April 2013 / TSI

This pharma webinar provides an overview of different Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMMs) that can be used for environmental monitoring, their applicability and their pros and cons.

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Real-time airborne viable particle detection – technology overview and applicability to pharmaceutical quality systems

Industry news, Webinars / 27 September 2012 / TSI

This pharma webinar provides an overview of LIF technology, along with a detailed look at TSI’s implementation in the BioTrak® Real Time Viable Particle Detector highlighting critical instrument performance parameters.


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