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Pfizer brings frequent heartburn relief over-the-counter with new Nexium® 24HR

Industry news / 28 May 2014 / Pfizer

The nation’s most prescribed acid blocker brand is now available without a prescription at retailers nationwide…


AstraZeneca and Pfizer enter agreement for over-the-counter NEXIUM; AstraZeneca raises 2012 guidance

Industry news, News / 13 August 2012 / AstraZeneca

NEXIUM 20mg retail launch targeted for 2014, subject to regulatory approval…

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Pfizer acquires Alacer Corp.

Industry news, News / 27 February 2012 / Pfizer

Maker of Emergen-C®, #1 U.S. Vitamin C brand, expands Pfizer’s vitamin and dietary supplement business…

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Pfizer completes acquisition of Ferrosan Consumer Health’s Business

Industry news, News / 1 December 2011 / Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. have announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Ferrosan Consumer Health’s business…


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