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Application Note: A phenotypic assay for metastasis

Application Note: A phenotypic assay for metastasis

Whitepapers / 8 January 2016 / BioTek

BioTek demonstrate a method for the generation of 3D spheroidal structures using a co-culture of a human breast cancer cell line and human fibroblasts embedded in an invasion matrix containing CXCL12 as chemoattractant…

Screening In-depth Focus 2015

Screening: In-depth Focus 2015

Issue 6 2015, Screening, Supplements / 6 January 2016 / Caroline Richards

In this Screening In-depth Focus: High-content screening accelerates discovery rates in the life sciences; Phenotypic screening using 3D tissue culture and whole animal assays; Screening Roundtable…

Screening Supplement

Screening: In-depth focus 2014

Issue 6 2014, Screening, Supplements / 5 January 2015 / Prabir Basu, João A. Lopes

This free-to-view Screening In-Depth Focus is packed with articles that will give you a greater understanding of interesting topics such as the identification of compounds that protect against free radicals, advancements in sandwich immunoassay techniques and hit validation and optimisation…


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