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A premature newborn just after a c-section is cleaned up and prepped for the incubator shown in the background.

ObsEva initiates Phase 1 clinical program of OBE022 for the treatment of preterm labor

Industry news / 28 July 2016 / ObsEva

ObsEva initiates Phase 1 clinical program of OBE022, a first-in-class orally active Prostaglandin F2alpha antagonist, for the treatment of preterm labor…

Topline results from Phase II study of SHP607 in extremely premature infants

Industry news / 30 June 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

While the study did not meet its primary endpoint of reducing severity of ROP, it did produce encouraging secondary endpoints related to lung and brain…

Innovative blood test can be used as a predictive tool for preeclampsia

Innovative blood test can be used as a predictive tool for preeclampsia

Industry news / 7 January 2016 / Nicholas Jackson

PROGNOSIS study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that an innovative Roche blood test can be used as a predictive tool for preeclampsia…


Cuba becomes the first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis

Industry news / 1 July 2015 / Victoria White

Cuba has become the first country in the world to receive validation from WHO that it has eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis…

Telbivudine prevents passage of HBV during pregnancy

Industry news / 2 June 2015 / Victoria White

The antiviral drug telbivudine prevents perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV), according to a new study…

Rising numbers of preterm births stoke demand for infant care solutions in Europe

Industry news / 23 April 2015 / Victoria White

The saturated European market for infant care solutions has received fresh impetus from the rising incidence of preterm births, reports Frost & Sullivan…

nipt pregnancy

London NHS Trust teams up with Premaitha Health to create the UK’s first centre of excellence for non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT)

Industry news / 23 March 2015 / Victoria White

Partnership between the NHS Trust and Premaitha Health means St George’s Hospital, London, will be first NHS facility to offer NIPT screening…

Roche logo

Roche’s preeclampsia test helps to predict this life-threatening condition in pregnant women at risk

Industry news / 10 December 2014 / Roche

New data demonstrate high prognostic value of Elecsys blood test…

Roche logo

Roche acquires Ariosa Diagnostics and enters the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) and cell-free DNA testing services markets

Industry news / 2 December 2014 / Roche

Roche announced the acquisition of Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. (Ariosa), a privately-held company based in San Jose, California, USA…

ViiV Healthcare Logo

ViiV Healthcare announces new grants in support of ending mother to child transmission of HIV

Industry news / 27 November 2014 / ViiV Healthcare

Landmark number of grants awarded for 2015 as the Positive Action for Children Fund hits 5 year milestone…


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