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Whitepaper: STEMdiff™ APEL™ Medium – Human PSC Differentiation to Multiple Lineages

Whitepapers / 31 October 2012 / STEMCELL Technologies

STEMdiff™ APEL™ Medium is an animal component-free formulation that enables reliable differentiation of human ES cells and iPS cells. Developed by STEMCELL Technologies and based on a published formulation1, STEMdiff™ APEL™ Medium supports differentiation into ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm lineages…

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Whitepaper: Uniform and Scalable EB Formation for Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine Applications

Whitepapers / 1 June 2012 / STEMCELL Technologies

The developmental versatility of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) offers a powerful approach for directing cell fate, and these cells are a promising source of progenitors and terminally differentiated somatic cells for cell replacement therapy and drug screening applications…

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Whitepaper: Increase the Physiological Relevance of HIV Models with RoboSep™

Whitepapers / 30 March 2012 / STEMCELL Technologies

HIV research using human primary cells: despite intense research in the 30 years since the discovery of HIV/AIDS, the disease remains a global epidemic with no credible vaccine available.


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