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Syrris - Articles and news items


Syrris creates Orb Pilot for effortless reaction scale-up

Supplier news / 28 September 2016 / Syrris

Syrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, is launching the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor this fall…


Versatile Syrris flow reactors feature in a plethora of publications

Supplier news / 15 December 2015 / Versatile Syrris

Today, scientists have access to hundreds of flow chemistry papers citing groundbreaking applications established on modular reactors from Syrris, including the Ley group’s Accelerating Spirocyclic Polyketide Synthesis using Flow Chemistry…

Syrris launches novel quantum dot synthesis system

Syrris launches novel quantum dot synthesis system

Supplier news / 2 June 2015 / kdm communications

Syrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, has launched the Atlas Nanoparticle System for the automated synthesis of quantum dots…

Syrris Atlas Calorimeter benefits process scale-up

Syrris Atlas Calorimeter benefits process scale-up

Supplier news / 21 April 2015 / kdm communications

A Syrris Atlas Calorimeter is proving advantageous to the Kyushu works manufacturing technology department of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan, aiding scale-up of new product processes…

Syrris Florin Oancea

ICECHIM invests in flow chemistry with the Syrris Asia system

Supplier news / 25 March 2015 / kdm communications

The modular Asia system from Syrris is providing researchers at the Romanian National Institute for Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry (ICECHIM) with the ability to explore a range of flow chemistry applications…


Syrris Asia helps to accelerate spirocyclic polyketide synthesis

Supplier news / 3 November 2014 / kdm communications

The modular Asia flow chemistry system from Syrris proved key to the success of a recently described process for accelerated total synthesis of spirodienal A and spirangien A methyl ester…

Micro Droplet Systems

Micro Droplet Systems provide seamless production of monodispersed droplets

Supplier news / 9 October 2014 / kdm communications

Dolomite Microfluidics, a sister company to flow chemistry specialist Syrris, has developed an innovative range of Micro Droplet Systems for automatic, seamless production of monodispersed droplets…


Nanoparticle synthesis benefits from award-winning Syrris batch and flow reactors

Supplier news / 22 September 2014 / kdm communications

Innovative batch and flow reactors from leading manufacturer Syrris are proving advantageous for a variety of nanoparticle applications, offering scientists working in the field numerous benefits…


Syrris launches new Atlas Cryo Reactor for ultra-low temperature synthesis

Supplier news / 20 August 2014 / kdm communications

Syrris is pleased to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Atlas Cryo Reactor, providing exceptional cooling capability down to -80 °C…


Syrris to launch Asia Flux electrochemistry module at IMRET 2014

Supplier news / 12 June 2014 / kdm communications

Syrris is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of itsAsia Flux electrochemistry module at the International Conferences on MicroREaction Technology (IMRET) in Budapest…


New Asia Tube Cooler from Syrris enables extra low temperature flow reactions

Supplier news / 26 March 2014 / kdm communications

Syrris is pleased to announce the launch of the Asia Tube Cooler, the latest addition to the Company’s range of advanced flow chemistry products…


Syrris Atlas has the Midas touch with nanoparticles

Supplier news / 21 January 2014 / kdm communications limited

Spanish biotechnology company Midatech Biogune is taking advantage of Syrris Atlas Potassium reactor systems to produce custom-made functionalized gold nanoparticles for medicinal use…


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