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A roadmap for development

Issue 6 2006, Past issues / 28 November 2006 / EPR

Laboratory automation in pharmaceutical research is an established technology, but what does the future hold for its role in R&D? European Pharmaceutical Review asked four industry experts for their views, and you can read what they had to say in this virtual round table discussion.

Taking care of innovation

Issue 3 2005, Past issues / 22 August 2005 / Thomas Keller, MPhil, PhD, Head of Applied Technology Group UK, European & International Operations, GlaxoSmithKline R&D

The most important factors for ensuring a successful future are innovation and an effective governance structure. Within this model1 in the pharmaceutical industry, the introduction of new technology is one of the key factors. This provides an organisation with efficient and reliable systems to facilitate the incorporation of new scientific concepts and practices and these are vital to ensure the company’s continued success.


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