October 2013: Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery & Screening

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Practical workshop covering chemical biology, drug discovery and screening.

Label-free assays for screening workshop

Label-free assays for screening workshop

Access the latest Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery & Screening technologies

3 day practical workshop

Venue: European ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany

European Pharmaceutical Review and European ScreeningPort presented a unique practical workshop covering chemical biology, drug discovery and screening.

Training was provided by experienced drug discovery scientists from the European ScreeningPort and application experts from across the industry. The main learning objectives of the Practical Workshop: Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery and Screening was to examine by way of practical sessions and lectures, aspects of chemical biology, drug discovery and screening. All participants took part in the practical sessions and these involved the development of screening compatible assays, pharmacology of standard compounds and proof-of-concept screen.

The specific aspects of the lectures covered general concepts in chemical biology and drug discovery, the role of biochemical and cell based assays for drug discovery purposes, their advantages and disadvantages and how to incorporate them into a drug discovery workflow.

Workshop topics:

  • General concepts for biochemical assays exemplified by kinase and protease targets
  • Pharmacology of standard compounds, signal stability, choice of liquid handling, Z′ calculation and proof-of-concept screen
  • Cell viability assays
  • Label-free cell-based assay for GPCR targets
  • Pseudo-label-free kinase assays

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