November 2013: 3D Cell Based Assays Advanced workshop

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Advanced workshop on 3D cell based assays.

3D Cell Based Assays - Advanced Workshop

3D Cell Based Assays - Advanced Workshop

The utilisation and deployment of 3D assay technologies in an automated lab environment

3 day practical workshop

European Pharmaceutical Review and INCHSA, Department of Clinical Medicine, Trinity College Dublin presented a unique advanced workshop on 3D cell based assays.

This workshop provided an overview of the very latest 3D cell based assay and culture technologies, techniques for use in biomedical research and drug discovery and the key application areas for these technologies.

Attendees of this course gained:

  • An overview of the main application areas of 3D assay and cell culture technologies.
  • An appraisal of all of the current technologies and their key advantages.
  • Presentation of research data from selected studies using 3D assay technologies from scientists in the field.

Hands-on practical classes

  • Training in the preparation and maintenance of 3D assays systems.
  • Advanced training in the use of laboratory robotics in the manipulation of 3D assay systems for HCA and HTS applications.
  • Cell based analysis including techniques and methodologies focused on HCA.
  • Wrap up sessions where attendees will gain knowledge in analysis and interpretation of experimental data.

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