Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Conference

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19 – 20 September 2017, Cologne, Germany

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Conference

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying ConferenceDate: 19 – 20 September 2017

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Event description:

The aim of PDA Europe’s Freeze-Drying Conference is to foster an intensified and science-based discussion between experts from all areas of lyophilization: development, production, regulatory affairs and health authorities. Get in touch with these highly qualified and diverse professionals at 11th PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology Conference in Cologne, Germany, 19 – 20 September!

During the last ten years, freeze-drying of biopharmaceuticals has become a routine procedure, yet the freeze-drying process remains complex. This meeting provides updates of various technical and regulatory aspects regarding lyophilization. Speakers from pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers and regulatory agencies share their knowledge and give insights into this process, deepening the understanding of its underlying physicochemical principles as well as explaining freeze-drying techniques and the efforts to implement them on a big scale. As an attendee of this conference, you get to know current and novel concepts of freeze-drying, and you get to know current and novel concepts of freeze-drying, and you get to connect and exchange ideas with experts and fellow attendees. The friendly yet professional atmosphere of this meeting provides abundant opportunities for networking. So come and join us in Cologne!

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