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4th Floor Pembroke Building,
Kensington Village, Avonmore Road
W14 8DG
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 565 8620

Email: [email protected]


IDBS helps R&D teams make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide. As a leading global provider of advanced software and solutions for R&D, we provide organizations with the technology they need to securely capture, manage, share and exploit structured and unstructured data. Our technology and domain expertise enables users to link data to data, data to people and people to people to drive innovation, achieve faster time to market and improve margins.

Our diverse customer list includes R&D driven international companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agricultural sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, engineering, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices across Europe, Asia and the United States, IDBS remains a privately held company employing over 350 staff across the world and serving over 50,000 researchers in 25 countries -- including over 75% of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies. For regular updates follow us on Twitter @IDBSsoftware.

Upcoming events

IDBS Connect : IDBS Connect is an annual and international event hosted by IDBS. The event attracts our clients, industry speakers and R&D experts from around the world. Over several days, we are all together to network and discuss around the latest industry’s trends and challenges, share best practices and better understand our users’ key issues and expectations to support our product and solution development.

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