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AstraZeneca issues update on accelerated oncology pipeline in advance of 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting

Industry news, News / 16 May 2013 / AstraZeneca

First patient enrolled in Phase III clinical trial…

Biologics: Teamwork pays off in race to expand market for monoclonal antibodies

Biologics, Issue 5 2012 / 22 October 2012 / Bahija Jallal, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, MedImmune

The first biologic drug – infliximab (Remicade) – was launched in 1998 with initial sales of USD 500 million per annum. By 2010, Reuters’ top 10 drugs by sales included five biologics (Remicade, Enbrel, Humira, Avastin and Humira) generating around USD 34 billion in revenue, including USD 7.4 billion from Remicade1. Reuters have predicted that by 2014, these five will be joined in the top 10 by Herceptin, that their combined sales will be USD 47 billion per annum and that the three top-selling drugs in the world will be biologics. It is fair to say then that biologics are transforming the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry – but how and why have these complex molecules achieved this?

Translational science: The future of medicine

Issue 1 2011, Translational Sciences / 16 February 2011 / Bahija Jallal, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, MedImmune

When the term ‘translational medicine’ first came to prominence at the turn of the century, there were suspicions that this concept was simply a rebranding of conventional medical research, describing the process in which scientific discovery at the laboratory bench eventually translates to an effective therapy at the patient’s bedside. The practical application of identifying and developing new therapies has always been a lengthy process. Would giving it a new name make it more efficient for scientists?


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