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Product Showcase 2016

Product Showcase

Issue 5 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 20 October 2016 / European Pharmaceutical Review

This product showcase features articles from Charles River, Eppendorf Inc. and Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories…

Under the Microscope: Gilles Goy, Charles River

Under the Microscope: Gilles Goy, Charles River

Issue 3 2015 / 3 July 2015 / European Pharmaceutical Review

In an interview with European Pharmaceutical Review, Gilles Goy, Operational Manager of the European Endotoxin and Microbial Detection Contract Staff Laboratory, Charles River, discusses the company’s Accugenix® AccuPRO-ID® service…

Charles River whitepaper

Technical Sheet: Charles River Accugenix® MALDI-TOF enhancements for bacterial identifications enable improved root cause analysis

Whitepapers / 30 October 2014 / Charles River

Library coverage is often a topic of discussion for microbiologists wanting to know what the impact or relevancy of the Charles River Accugenix® library databases is on the identification of environmental, EM or industrial microorganisms. As a contract laboratory service provider offering both sequencing (AccuGENX-ID®) and MALDI-TOF-based identifications (AccuPRO-ID® and the Axcess™ system), Charles River has the ability to compare reference libraries based on the microorganisms that we identify and analyze the reportable rates…

Stem Cells In-depth Focus

Stem Cells: In-depth focus 2014

Genomics, Issue 2 2014, Supplements / 15 April 2014 / Sarah Baird, Graham Kelly, Gil Mor

In this free-to-view in-depth focus: Mesenchymal stem cells in cancer therapy – our chance to take charge, and Ovarian cancer stem cells – an essential target for durable remission…

PAT Supplement 2013

Process Analytical Technology (PAT): In-depth focus 2013

Issue 6 2013, PAT & QbD, Supplements / 16 December 2013 / Morten Allesø, Anette Seo Torstenson, Mette Bryder and Per Holm, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research (H. Lundbeck A/S), Anneleen Burggraeve, Tom Van den Kerkhof, Jeroen Geens, Lieve Bijnens and Mario Hellings (Johnson & Johnson)

Presenting a rational approach to QbD-based pharmaceutical development: A roller compaction case study
PAT for pharmaceutical spray drying
PAT Roundtable
Show Preview: IFPAC® 2014

Charles River's Endosafe®-Nexus™

Product Hub: Charles River’s Endosafe®-Nexus™

Issue 5 2013 / 22 October 2013 / Alan Hoffmeister, Global Field Technical Manager for the Endotoxin and Microbial Detection Division, Charles River

Alan Hoffmeister, Global Field Technical Manager for the Endotoxin and Microbial Detection Division, Charles River, discusses the Endosafe®-Nexus™…

RMMs & Environmental Monitoring: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 4 2013, Microbiology / RMMs, Supplements / 21 August 2013 / Emanuele Selvaggio (Pfizer), Chris Delaney (Noonan Services Group)

The rapid microbiological methods revolution.
Controlling contamination in the pharmaceutical industry.
Rapid Micro Methods Roundtable.

Stem Cells Supplement 2013

Stem Cells: In-depth focus 2013

Genomics, Issue 2 2013, Supplements / 17 April 2013 / Katharina Drews, James Adjaye, Annette Meeson, George E. Plopper

The promise held by induced pluripotent stem cells for research and regenerative medicine.
Workshop preview – Cell based assays for screening.
Cardiac stem cells.
Stem Cells Roundtable.

Charles River signs partnership agreement with Bruker to sell the Axcess™ System

News, Supplier news / 15 April 2013 / Charles River

Charles River is pleased to announce a partnership with Bruker…

Industry Expert Panel

Issue 1 2013 / 21 February 2013 / Expert Panel

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Industry Expert Panel. We have assembled a panel of authoritative voices from the pharmaceutical industry to speak on a wide range of issues that affect this industry, sharing their expertise and insight with our readers.

Foster Jordan, Senior Vice President, Charles River

Under the microscope: Foster Jordan, Senior Vice President, Charles River

Issue 3 2012, Under the Microscope / 10 July 2012 / Helen Difford, Editor, European Pharmaceutical Review

Foster Jordan, Corporate Senior Vice President, Endotoxin and Microbial Detection, Charles River discusses QC testing and why it is so important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Yvonne Boss, European In-Vitro Specialist Sales Manager at Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories interviewed by European Pharmaceutical Review at analytica 2012

Videos / 18 April 2012 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Yvonne Boss, European In-Vitro Specialist Sales Manager at Charles River Laboratories speaks to Freddy White, Director of the European Pharmaceutical Review at analytica 2012.


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