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Application note: Clean room dehumidification ensures reliable test results

Posted: 15 January 2016 | | No comments yet

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices (SMB), in Denmark, develops, produces and markets ‘point-of-care’ diagnostic systems for the veterinary market. In order to maintain a very low level of humidity in the clean room, a desiccant dehumidifier is required.

An air quality of 5000m3/h must be maintained with the required condition of no more than 20% RH at 21°C, which corresponds to a water content of just three grams per kilogram of air. Munters’ solution is an MX5000 dehumidification system with pre and post cooling.

During the summer period, water content of 3g/kg is required. Before the air is blown into the clean room, it is cooled down to 20°C. In the winter, the process air is mixed with the extract air at +8°C, after which the air is again led through the dehumidifier and onto a post heater, which heats the air to 20°C before it is then directed into the clean room.

In order to meet particle level requirements, the process air is passed through an F9-filter in the dehumidifier. Before being blown into the clean room, further filtration is carried out through a HEPA14 filter. 

The installation is controlled by Munters DryTonic control system which, as well as controlling the dehumidifier, also regulates the cooling, the heating and the humidity level.

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