In-depth focus

QA/QC Mass Spectrometry/ Chromatography In-Depth Focus 2022

In this in-depth focus, articles illustrate how mass spectrometry‑based wastewater analysis can estimate illicit drug usage and explore the applications of mass spectrometry in characterising therapeutic antibodies.

  • Analysis of illicit drugs and wastewater-based epidemiology: current methodological techniques
    Ayman AlSaadi and Wayne G Carter from the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, illustrate the value of analysing the wastewater of specific populations to gain insight into levels of illegal drug usage and other health-related biomarkers.
  • Ensuring consistency and stability in antibody therapies
    Disulphide bonds between cysteines play a critical role in the stability and activity of therapeutic antibodies. Here, Dr Ioannis Papayannopoulos, Principal Scientist at Dragonfly Therapeutics, describes the characterisation of the oxidation state of cysteins and formed disulphides in therapeutic antibody drugs.