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Blowing the whistle: tackling misconduct in the life sciences sector

20 February 2020 | By , ,

A survey by the Internal Investigations Forum has highlighted vast differences in the quantity and quality of complaint reports globally and that companies need to nurture trust to improve internal relations. Here, Gary Giampetruzzi, Thomas Hauser and Jenny Pu provide an analysis of the results, including where there are areas…

Trends in the CDMO industry for 2020

20 February 2020 | By

Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed rapid growth in outsourcing services, driven by various factors including the growth of small molecules, increasing API complexities and the need to optimise costs. Here, Peter DeYoung shares his thoughts on the key trends he expects to see in the contract…

Regulating heavy metals in cannabis: what can be learned from the pharmaceutical industry?

20 February 2020 | By

The ever-increasing demand for cannabis-based products requires US state regulators to set guidelines that ensure products are safe for human use. However, as medicinal cannabis moves forward at a rapidly increasing pace, regulations are falling behind. Here, Robert Thomas discusses the many inconsistencies across US states for monitoring levels of…

How to optimise production by using the correct tablet tooling

20 February 2020 | By

Enhancing the production of pharmaceutical tablets is extremely important in modern manufacturing processes and companies will go to great lengths to ensure production runs efficiently in order to stay competitive. As time and capital implications become drivers within the production of solid dosage forms, investigation into improving production methods is…

Comparative evaluation of pharmaceutical powder flow using different analytical methodologies

20 February 2020 | By ,

Glidants and lubricants are important additives in the production of solid dosage formulations. This article compares the results of various methods to characterise the flowability of blends, demonstrating the importance of considering the impacts that glidants may have, not only on the flowability of blends, but the physical attributes of…

Polyelectrolyte multilayering: an emerging class of carriers for therapeutic agents

20 February 2020 | By ,

Polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMs) are promising drug carriers with potential applications in the delivery of poorly soluble drugs. In this article, Sumayah Abdul-Jabbar and Paul Royall discuss the approaches for PEM construction and drug release and detail several applications of multilayered particles in therapeutics.