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Strategy for the adoption of single-use technology

22 March 2018 | By

Recent technological advances are enabling manufacturers to move away from equipment that must be sterilised or consumables that are recycled or pose a risk with their transfer into cleanrooms, towards the adoption of disposable and single-use sterile items. This article considers the advantages of implementing single-use technology and outlines a…

Women Inspiring Pharma

15 March 2018 | By

In this series, our Science Editor Dr. Zara Kassam, interviews influential decision-makers and female leaders within the pharmaceutical industry, as they discuss their careers, the challenges they’ve faced and the importance of breaking through self-imposed barriers...

DNA microarrays and multidrug resistant bacteria

1 March 2018 | By

In parallel with the use of a wide range of antibiotics for treating infectious diseases worldwide, antimicrobial resistance has significantly increased. For this reason, the application of an advanced pangenomic technique like DNA microarray can be an effective, rapid, accurate, sensitive, specific and flexible methodology for detecting, identifying and determining…