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The power of rapid methods for fungal ID

10 July 2023 | By

By leveraging rapid identification techniques, pharmaceutical facilities can enhance their ability to detect and mitigate fungal contamination, safeguarding product quality and patient safety. Here, Dr Tim Sandle explores key challenges associated with fungal contamination in cleanrooms, discusses conventional and rapid identification methods, as well as the importance of validation.

Capsule formulation: future trends

10 July 2023 | By

In this Q&A, Recipharm’s Torkel Gren discusses developments in capsule formulation, including the shift away from gelatine and the potential for growth in the inhalation capsule market.

Guide to Data Integrity

4 July 2023 | By

Welcome to EPR's Guide to Data Integrity. In this edition, Charles River explores the significance of data integrity in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Graeme Bones of ICON considers how to complete database transfer with data integrity considerations at the forefront and Rapid Micro Biosystems® discusses the practical implications of the ‘four-eyes principle’ for pharma…