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Rational drug design: How far have we come?

8 January 2018 | By

From the early use of Hansch parameters and Topliss Trees to today’s computational structure–activity techniques, medicinal chemists have long sought to rationalise drug design to find the quickest and most resource-efficient route to market. But while modern strategies are more reliant on statistical algorithms and vast data libraries, these founding…

What’s next for big data?

5 January 2018 | By

The emergence of big data, technological innovations and advancements in scientific research is set to be transformative for the pharmaceutical industry, providing faster access to insights that can drive more informed decision making and accelerate drug development. Dr Chris Barber, CEO of Lhasa Limited, looks at what is next for…

Sanofi: Unravelling the complex, together

5 January 2018 | By

Sanofi has long been at the forefront of the drive to find new, innovative solutions for patients in different therapeutic areas, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases or rare diseases. Marc-Antoine Lucchini, SVP Diabetes and Cardiovascular Europe and Coordinator, Sanofi Europe, discusses some of the company’s achievements...

Pfizer: Concentrating on core areas to improve lives

4 January 2018 | By

For Pfizer, putting patients first guides its actions, informs its strategic decisions and unifies colleagues in every region and function across the company. Beatriz Faro, Regional President, Internal Medicine, International Developed Markets at Pfizer, explains how the company’s philosophy is taking the business forward...

A continuous and controlled pharmaceutical freeze-drying technology for unit doses

2 January 2018 | By , ,

Among the list of over 300 FDA and EMA approved biopharmaceutical products, around 50% are freeze-dried – indicating that freeze-drying is the preferred way of stabilising biopharmaceutical drug products that are unstable in aqueous solution, despite the high cost and long processing time linked to this manufacturing technique.1,2

Hot melt extrusion technology for continuous manufacturing

2 January 2018 | By ,

Hot melt extrusion (HME), a manufacturing technique traditionally used in the plastic and food industries, is now attracting significant interest from the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. This is primarily because HME enables the continuous manufacture of a wide variety of dosage formulations, including solid dose form, which is of particular importance…

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