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Unlocking the potential of new technologies, such as Lab-on-a-chip, to cut manufacturing costs and boost product development

14 September 2018 | By

The investigation and development of new drugs is a time-consuming and rigorous process with many challenges. Every step and each new method is developed with the intention of bringing effective medicines to patients in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the highest possible level of safety. Good product design, as…

Spotlight on… Single use

10 September 2018 | By

In this Spotlight on Single Use, David Beattie, Vice President BioProcessing R&D, Merck explains the mode of operation and benefits of its Pellicon® Capsules...

Avoiding environmental monitoring ‘false negatives’: overcoming disinfectant residues with culture media neutralisers

6 September 2018 | By

Even with the rise of rapid microbiological methods, most environmental monitoring applications are undertaken using culture media, with many alternative methods also being growth-based. This makes the selection, control and release of culture media an area of great importance, given that the quality of the culture media underpins the environmental…