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Advancing microbiome innovation

10 April 2024 | By

In the fourth instalment of EPR's ‘Microbiome therapeutics: microscope to medicine’ series, Emilie Plantamura, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at MaaT Pharma, examines the promising potential of microbiome therapeutics beyond Clostridium difficile infection, particularly in the onco-haematological field.

Coherent Raman scattering microscopy: a powerful tool for pharmaceutics

29 March 2024 | By ,

Coherent Raman scattering (CRS) microscopy is a powerful label-free technique that enables high-speed imaging of a sample’s chemical composition. Here, Raman experts Giulio Cerullo and Matteo Negro discuss how technological advances in the field can boost the broad applicability of CRS microscopy, as both an analytical tool for online monitoring…

Clinical trials for rare diseases

28 March 2024 | By

In this interview, Mindy Leffler, Managing Director of Qualitative Research and Psychometrics at Emmes Endpoint Solutions, discusses the nuances of designing clinical trials for rare diseases including specific challenges related to traditional endpoints.

Process analytics for the new era of continuous RNA manufacturing

24 March 2024 | By

In this article, Edita Botonjic-Sehic, Head of Process Analytics and Data Science at ReciBioPharm, examines the need for a digitally controlled continuous manufacturing process to correct the shortcomings of the current standard of batch processing. She highlights the critical role in-line process analytic technologies (PAT), automation and real-time data analytics…

ebook: A practical guide to single-use filtration in biopharma

20 March 2024 | By

This ebook explains how single-use filtration can support safer, more efficient biopharmaceutical production. Discover more on different filtration stages and unveil key characterisations, like pore size and membrane material, empowering tailored selection to specific biomolecules and processes.