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Microbiome innovation: have we forgotten the basics?

10 January 2024 | By

Here, Chrysi Sergaki from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), UK, explores how innovators and regulators can navigate the challenges affecting the development and regulation of microbiome therapeutics to bring safe and efficacious therapies to patients as soon as possible.

Transforming pharmaceutical manufacturing: The AI revolution

9 January 2024 | By

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in pharmaceutical manufacturing is set to open a brand-new chapter in this industry's development, as well as unprecedented opportunities for strengthening quality control and improving decision-making. In this article, Dr Gonesh Chandra Saha, Head of the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology at…

Developing micro QC for ATMPs

3 January 2024 | By

In this Q&A, Natalie Saunders, Interim Head of Quality Control at CGT Catapult, delves into the advancements and challenges in microbiological QC for cell and gene therapies. She discusses rapid sterility testing methods, regulatory frameworks, and the impact of automation and digitalisation on quality control.

Streamlining bioprocessing for gene therapy

26 December 2023 | By

Adopting technological advances in upstream and downstream processes is vital to the gene therapy space, says Kai Lipinski, CSO at ReciBioPharm. Here he explores emerging technology trends and discusses how they can help to overcome key challenges facing gene therapy manufacturers.