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Biosimilar uptake: a clinician’s perspective

18 February 2021 | By

To ensure that clinicians buy into biosimilars, it is important that they understand how products are analysed and compared to the originator molecules. Dr Fraser Cummings and Jonathan Sweeting discussed this issue at a recent virtual roundtable event, where they highlighted the complexities of biosimilar development pathways and approval processes. Here, Nikki Withers shares the…


The importance of disaccharide excipients in biologics

17 February 2021 | By , ,

Many biologic formulations use a variety of high-purity injectable grade disaccharide excipients to ensure functionality and stability of the final product. In this article, Sunil Kumar Nataraj, Bastiaan Dickhoff and Thontesh GC explore the use of these sugars in the stabilisation of biologics and provide recommendations to manufacturers for enhancing…


European Pharmaceutical Review Issue 1 2021

15 February 2021 | By

In this issue we discuss whether clinicians know enough about the development of biosimilars to buy in, explore the biggest M&A trends in pharma and what to expect this year and consider the importance of disaccharides in the stabilisation of biologics. The journal also features articles on the fundamentals of…