In Depth Focus

Drug Development In-Depth Focus 2022

Features in this in-depth focus highlight the opportunities presented by targeted protein degradation therapeutics, as well as the breakthroughs in developing treatments for sickle cell disease.

  • Pursuing new paths in targeted protein degradation drug development
    Targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapy has grown rapidly as a field, with transformational potential. TPD is poised to be successful in delivering marketed products, but limitations are now starting to emerge, including tumour resistance, a lack of mechanisms for oral dosing, and the inability to penetrate tissues such as the CNS. Here, Ian Churcher, Chief Science Officer at Amphista, highlights opportunities and the need for new mechanisms to overcome these limitations, which are being addressed by the next generation of TPD development.
  • Global Blood Therapeutics: driving innovation in sickle cell disease
    Sebastian Stachowiak, Head of Europe & GCC at Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT), explains how, while the company establishes its presence in Europe, it continues its commitment to advance the care of people living with sickle cell disease by collaborating with the sickle cell community to develop breakthrough therapies, raise awareness and increase access to care.