In-Depth Focus

Environmental Monitoring In-Depth Focus 2022

Features in this in-depth focus explore the development of a sustainable approach to bacterial endotoxin testing (BET) within a global enterprise, as well as progress towards the use of biofluorescent particle counters for water bioburden applications.

  • A strategic approach to optimisations of testing bacterial endotoxins
    Given industry’s recent focus on the sustainability of bacterial endotoxin testing (BET), here, AstraZeneca colleagues Miriam Guest, Karen Capper, Dennis Wong and Phil Duncanson share how they worked to establish a short-, mid- and long-term strategy to optimise BET across the global enterprise. They also explore some of the short-term benefits already realised through the company-wide rollout of their work.
  • Progress in the implementation of biofluorescent particle counters
    Despite the promise of biofluorescent particle counters (BFPCs) as an alternative and rapid microbiological method and process analytical technology, their implementation thus far has predominantly occurred in non-GMP environments. In this article, EPR’s Hannah Balfour explores the reasons, with comment from Mike Russ, Senior Manager, Head of QCLS/Analytical Science and Technology (ASAT) at Genentech.