In-Depth Focus

Microbiology In-Depth Focus 2022

Features in this in-depth focus review the advances in bacterial genome sequencing and its role in pharmaceutical microbiology, as well as key considerations for when implementing and validating recombinant Factor C (rFC) endotoxin testing. Plus, coverage of how proposed US pharmaceutical regulation could impact European companies, in-house lentiviral vector manufacturing and much more!

  • Methods for strain comparison and differentiation of environmental isolates
    Identification of environmental isolates is a regular requirement in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and strain differentiation can be valuable in a variety of circumstances. There have been huge advances in the technology available for sequencing bacterial genomes, which has fed through to the analyses that are available to pharmaceutical microbiologists. NCIMB’s Identification Services Manager, Vikki Warren, looks at how this has changed her approach to strain comparison, the role of whole genome sequencing in pharmaceutical microbiology and its benefits in terms of costs and accuracy.
  • Pharma’s green mission: trends in bacterial endotoxin testing
    Having recently conducted a project to implement more sustainable, reliable and efficient bacterial endotoxin testing across the global Roche corporation, those involved in the project
    discuss with EPR’s Hannah Balfour the key takeaways from their implementation and validation, as well as current trends in bacterial endotoxin testing.