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Drug Formulation In-Depth Focus 2022

Articles in this drug formulation In-Depth Focus explore the design of formulations using cyclodextrins, plus the development of orally-delivered taxane chemotherapies. 

  • Elements leading to a rational design of cyclodextrin-based formulations
    Cyclodextrins are a frequently used excipient in the pharmaceutical industry, employed in multiple dosage forms and with multiple purposes simply because of their numerous positive properties, including being generally well tolerated and safe. In this short article, René Holm, Professor in pharmaceutical physical chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark, provides a few examples of how a rational formulation design for a cyclodextrin solution can be defined for some important parameters.
  • Solving the taxing problems of taxanes?
    Could the new wave of taxane chemotherapies succeed where traditional chemotherapies have failed? Colin Freund, Chief Executive Officer of Modra Pharmaceuticals, reveals the benefits of this emerging generation of anticancer treatment.