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Guide to Outsourcing & Testing

In this Guide to Outsourcing & Testing, EPR explores trends in the pharmaceutical outsourcing market. Plus, Charles River discusses solutions for tracking, trending and microbial identification and Associates of Cape Cod International showcases its endotoxin testing capabilities.

Included in this Guide to:

  • The changing face of outsourcing
    With pharma/biopharma companies looking to select CDMO partners earlier than before, and in a competitive market, what approaches can be adopted? Here, EPR explores some recent trends and evolving strategies.
  • Make confident operational decisions by understanding your microflora
    Are you leveraging all the information from your QC data? A secure, compliant and powerful data management tool is critical for maintaining a state of control.
  • Your endotoxin experts
    The future of sustainable Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) is here; Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.’s PyroSmart NextGen® recombinant Cascade Reagent marks the introduction of a new sustainable recombinant LAL reagent technology for bacterial endotoxin testing.