In-depth focus

Drug Delivery In-Depth Focus 2022

Articles explore the potential of tryptamines in treatment-resistant depression and drug delivery options for mRNA therapeutics.

  • The potential of tryptamines in treatment-resistant depression
    There is growing interest in the use of psychedelic-assisted therapy for treatment of mental health conditions. Here, Guy Goodwin, Chief Medical Officer of COMPASS Pathways, explores the potential of tryptamines to treat depression, sharing results from a recent clinical trial.
  • mRNA therapeutics: a limitless revolution in medicine
    Messenger RNA (mRNA) as a drug modality has been propelled into the limelight due to the recent success of mRNA-based vaccines. However, the potential of mRNA therapies, which deliver custom‑designed mRNA into a target cell where the cellular machinery translates it into a functional protein, extends far beyond viral vaccines. Carsten Rudolph and Christian Plank of Ethris, an mRNA therapeutics and vaccine‑focused German biotechnology company, discuss the current state of the art in the field, including delivery systems and administration of mRNA drug candidates to prevent or treat a plethora of diseases.