Upstream Bioprocessing In-Depth Focus 2022

Articles on high-throughput analytics for optimising bsAb clonal cell selection and a technology to overcome buffer preparation bottlenecks.

  • Optimising bispecific antibody clonal cell selection with high-throughput analytics
    It is possible to manufacture monoclonal antibodies using traditional methods, but the challenges inherent in bispecific antibodies such as low titer, mismatched chains, unwanted fragments and higher aggregation levels require a heightened analytical focus on clonal cell selection. Here, Stuart Jamieson and Alice Harrison at Lonza discuss high-throughput analytical strategies that enable right-first-time selection of the optimal clone to take through to clinical manufacture.
  • Bottlenecks in buffer preparation – solving downstream issues for upstream gains
    The preparation of buffer solutions is a crucial component in the downstream manufacturing process for biomolecules; however, it is also one of the most resource-heavy and intensive steps. Solving these downstream issues with new approaches is critical to achieving efficiency and commercial gains within the upstream process. Here, Andrea Johnston and Kerry Ann Matthews of BioPhorum present a novel technology solution for buffer preparation.