ebook: Nanoparticle formulations: overcoming dissolution challenges

This ebook explores the potential of nanoparticle formulations for drug delivery, as well techniques to predict in vivo bioavailability of these dosage forms.

Nanoparticle-based drug formulations are a promising option for drug delivery with numerous beneficial attributes. They have the potential to increase the bioavailability of drugs with low aqueous solubility, target specific cells or tissues, and release drugs in a controlled manner to reduce toxicity.

Currently more than 50 nanoparticle therapies are approved for clinical use in the US and Europe. 

Download this ebook to:

  • explore the different categories of nanoparticles
  • learn how to effectively characterise the in vivo bioavailability of nanoparticle drugs
  • discover how to establish accurate and reproducible dissolution methods for both drug development and quality control.