Bioprocessing & Bioproduction In-Depth Focus 2023

In this in-depth focus are articles on reducing production time for allogenic CAR T-cell therapies and the complexities of mRNA development, from design intricacies to scalability.

  • How breakthrough CAR-T cancer therapies could be made more widely accessible
    The development and regulatory approval of the first autologous CAR T-cell therapies is a huge advance for modern medicine and has been greeted with justifiable excitement. But applications of this technology are still limited, and given the time and cost constraints, more must be done to broaden access to this treatment. Current limitations of CAR-T therapies could potentially be overcome through new advances in the production of T-cell progenitors, suggests Dr Olivier Negre, Chief Scientific Officer of Smart Immune.
  • Implementing the future of mRNA therapeutics
    Here, Chief Scientist Bruce Lahn of the CDMO VectorBuilder discusses best practices, common problems, and possible solutions to mitigate risk and free up capacity when developing and designing mRNA therapeutics.