Formulation In-Depth Focus 2023

This in-depth focus features articles on paediatric formulations as well as the role of definitive screening design in improving biopharmaceutical development.

  • Exploring the complex pathway of paediatric drug development
    The formulation development of paediatric medications poses unique challenges compared to that of adult medications. Tom Hegarty, Head of Technical Operations for Almac Pharma Services, delves into some of the key considerations when looking to develop child-friendly formulations.
  • Definitive screening design to accelerate process characterisation
    Mourad Mellal, Director of Statistics, Product Development at Catalent, elucidates the role of QbD in understanding and controlling manufacturing processes. He also highlights the industry’s gradual transition towards Definitive Screening Design, a promising development that has potential to save time and reduce costs in the pharmaceutical sector.