Guide to Outsourcing 2023

In this Guide to Outsourcing, EPR explores trends in outsourcing of regulatory activities, Quotient Sciences discusses how to accelerate drug development and Associates of Cape Cod International looks at sustainable bacterial endotoxin testing.

  • Outsourcing regulatory activities in pharma
    Here, EPR’s Editor explores some key considerations, approaches and strategies for pharmaceutical companies looking to outsource regulatory activities.
  • Accelerating drug development for simple and complex drug programmes
    Quotient Sciences leverages more than 30 years of drug development expertise to support small molecule and synthetic peptide drug programmes, in both simple drug programmes as well as complex cases where specialised formulation expertise and technologies are required.
  • Sustainability in BET from your endotoxin experts
    Specialising in chromogenic and turbidimetric reagent technologies, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) has been a global leader in endotoxin and (1→3)-ß-D-glucans detection products and services for nearly 50 years.