ebook: A practical guide to single-use filtration in biopharma

This ebook explains how single-use filtration can support safer, more efficient biopharmaceutical production. Discover more on different filtration stages and unveil key characterisations, like pore size and membrane material, empowering tailored selection to specific biomolecules and processes.

Single-use filtration systems can help streamline processes and enhance efficiency of biopharma production.

In this practical guide readers will embark on a journey through pre-filtration and sterile filtration stages, gaining insight into diverse membrane technologies.

Download this ebook to:

  • Uncover how pore size and membrane material can be used to tailor filtration processes
  • Learn how to optimise flow rates to balance efficiency and quality
  • Discover how single-use filtration systems can boost efficiency, reduce cross-contamination risks and promote sustainable  biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Explore how single-use systems can support both medical device and cell and gene therapy processes.

There is also the opportunity to journey through the different filtration stages:

  • Pre-filtration: Clearing the path by removing larger contaminants.
  • Sterile filtration: The crucial line of defence against life-threatening
    microorganisms, with insights into diverse membrane technologies and
    specialized viral clearance solutions.

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